"The Fourth District will be a beacon for all people who value the traditional historical values that makes the State great"

- Vice Admiral Van Cleef

Thursday, August 28

Renegade Collective join The Fourth District


The newest member to The Fourth District is the Renegade Collective [RNGCO] a small PVP corporation that has been welcomed in to the alliance. They have already shown to be a good edition to the alliance and we hope that this will continue and together build a good working force for 4TH as they mainly occupy the US timezone.

CEO Thorstein Odinson

Founder Crzychkn

Sunday, August 24

Short stories from the District

I died

A sudden flash of neutrons made her eyes move rapidly. “she is waking up now doctor”  a white-yellow silhouette was for Keina a confusing and incomprehensive blur. She could barely make out anything, her eyes had never been used before and could not yet balance the massive overload of information that the revival introduced. The sudden rush of information was painful and the bright unfocused room did not yet make sense. “Take is easy sir, we just woke you up” Keina continued to receive information from sounds and light around her, everything from biological canister to metallic electric machinery. “follow the light please”  the male voice was talking to her in a short direct tone. “Good, you are getting your reflexes back quickly, please inform them that the revival of the clone was a success, now inject her with with a double dose, she needs to get back in the fight.”  the male voice got louder and yet again was directed to her
“Look, we need to inject you with a double dose that will wake you up faster, you are needed outside, the defense is going bad, really bad. You will feel like shit later tonight”. The last second of information and the dose they gave her woke her up “Shit I died”  Keina yelled.

Saturday, August 9

Ayem colony recives new colonists

YC 116.8.8

Ayem colony that was founded a bit over a year ago continues to grow and receives new colonists that has granted permission from Fourth District personal on the "Port Larren" station in the solar system. District News can now report that the colony now has an population of 70 000, with a wide range of work force. Many of them comes form the Aurora Arcology Project that provides new colonists from Empire Space, the CEO of the Project Jandice Ymladris is a part of the ongoing project to provide a secure colony in Fourth District, while Mrs.Ymladris provides with transport from all over empire spaces, Fourth District provide security in I-MGAB solar system. Mrs Ymladris is confident that the goal to have 100 000 colonists by the end of the year is a reachable goal, so is spokesperson for the Fouth District Demion Samenel.

What is new this wave of colonist is also a new planet specific genetically enhanched livestock that will provide a better suitable livestock for the planets climate. This is just one of many progress that has been made over the last month. By the end of the year we all hope to see a stable colony on the planet.

The Aurora Project public news report you can read more about here.

The is District News from Ayem Colony in Fourth District.