"The Fourth District will be a beacon for all people who value the traditional historical values that makes the State great"

- Vice Admiral Van Cleef

Friday, October 24

The State falls short for the research "race" for new technology.


Earlier this month the empire called out for capsuleer assistance to acquire sleeper technology to address research that was being conducted by the Sisters of EVE. The earlier rapports put the State on forefront in the "race" but the State fall short as both Amarr empire and the Minmatar republic managed to acquire more sleeper technology. This puts the State technological advancement back in its technology compared to both Amarr and the Minmtar. 

Fourth District did support the State with technology that was at their disposable but it was clearly not enough."Wish we could have done more, this will halt our technological advantage, but we will catch up soon enough" Says Demion Samenel, Diplomatic liaison for Fourth District.

Saturday, October 11

New titan joins the Fourth District fleet.

CNR Highwind anchored at its security base.

YC 116.10.11

District News Service as just received the first glimpse of the massive titan hull that now occupy the Fourth space. This is the newest edition to the fleet and will together Forth forces provide much needed security and tactical advancement. This titan was not received with the same official greeting due to the constant treats from Hero coalition and movement not far from Fourth space. Nevertheless its effort to be constructed did not go unnoticed within the solar system when it made it safely to its secure location. The effort of its construction was made possible with months of preparation and work and it stand today as a reminder of people that made it possible.

We congratulate Fourth District and its members and welcome CNR Highwind to the fleet.

District News Service - among the stars.