"The Fourth District will be a beacon for all people who value the traditional historical values that makes the State great"

- Vice Admiral Van Cleef

Thursday, December 26

Short stories from the District


There was not much Joni could do when he saw her fall, the narrow staircase that was secure into the station bulkhead had without warning collapsed, only a sudden scream just before the metal sound of the staircase giving in had warned him and rest of the station workers that something had gone horrible wrong. The last thing he saw was her wide open eyes and flying arms as she tried to reach for anything to hold on to. Then a distant “thud” sounded as her body hit landing pad C, some 40 meters below. His reality started to muffle the sound around him and his vision tunneled as he saw her fall. Without thinking he started to run down the stairs alongside one of the fuel silos to the landing pad, he dropped every tool he was carrying and as he was running he kept screaming “medic to the floor! Medic to the floor!” thinking that he should be the one that should fall, not her. Suddenly their date from last night was coming back to him and the emotion that came with it, he ignored anyone who stood in his way and his adrenaline filled mind ignored the running chaos he made while descending to the floor.


Wednesday, December 25

Short stories from the District


She stayed just long enough to watch the body stop moving. The final gasp of breath and the sightless eyes were beautiful to her; he had been a fool, and a dangerous one. But the issue was settled now. What a spaceship war had failed to achieve, she had managed with a few honeyed words and a drugged glass of wine. No more assassinations, no fear of a merger to rip apart all the hard work that her father had done to build their company’s reputation. Perhaps now they would listen to her and cut away from the bothersome capsuleers.


Tuesday, December 24

District members intercept new technology through newly discovered "Ghost Sites".

YC 115.12.22

Some weeks ago we received this CONCORD public news article about secret pirate sites, so called "ghost sites", these were discovered all round New Eden, and in these "sites" pirate faction secretly were developing new technology that could, according to CONCORD, shift the balance of power within New Eden.

Now these "sites" have started to show up in several places within Providence region and also inside the borders of Fourth District."This is alarming, we have put our capsuleers in heightened alert after the discovery of these sites" says the alliance spokesperson Commander Demion Samenel to the District News. According to public reports from the alliance it seems that these anomalies can´t be identified by normal ship sensors or scanners and are very well hidden, the pirate faction has gone to great length to hide them from the public and also in great length to defend them. They are inclined to rather blow the structure up than these covert sites being discovered by outsiders and in into our hands. When these first "ghost sites" was discovered, a momentous attack was orchestrated by the four empires that ended in disaster.

"What we have found in these sites are some kind of covert research tools. As much as I can say at this point it seems to included intel gathering technology and I have on several rapports that they are highly volatile, most likely due to the fact that the structure is set to explode if outsiders tries to infiltrate them. Other salvaged materials show signs of being used for new capsuleer cordial implants, which has another more direct military applications that is more worrying. Others finds include new blueprints of personal deployable structure, all this indicates that those faction have a certain covert operation behind it and clearly a military function." Says Commander Samenel.

"Our Military Advisory Board is well informed of this and they are keeping an eye out for any technology that could damage our efforts in the region. But nothing we have seen so far is in direct attack to us or the State but we do keep a watchful eye out for these findings in the District in the future to come." Commander Samenel to the District News.

We in the District News Service will as always bring you the news, being watchful.

Tuesday, December 17

Short stories from the District

Raw data

Is there no escape from yourself? Where do we simply go when we shut off, when we unplug from the constant inputs of raw data that is reality, or do we unplug? I guess some people do and some people don’t. And how do we interpret the visual inputs that the brain gives us if the image is so disturbing that all you want is to gauge you eyes out and then realize that it was a dream, what the fuck does one think of himself then? Damn, I guess all we can do is sit still and enjoy the ride. My own ride is a rain drenched back alley on Kiguru Street on New Caldari and the corner bar at that street, Spader´s. It was an image that stuck to me early on when I got these implants, when I knew that I would be plugged to a massive steal beast and become a living machine to wreck havoc amongst the void of space. I needed a place to hide, to escape the constant inputs of raw data. The corner door is best described as shady, an almost criminal invitation with bright flickering green text "Spader´s" that illuminates and reflects in the humid air in front of it. Maybe not the normal place where you would find a "good" citizen, but it’s where my mind goes and escapes the other reality, I find myself here quite often, far away from the constant inputs of raw data.

I need a drink.


Announcment: Commander Demion Samenel new alliance Head Diplomat.

YC 115.12.17

Below is the public statement from Fourth District Alliance Executor Trony, which sent out this statment from the Allied council just a day ago. This has now been granted permission to be made public to the rest of the cluster.

"As of today [115.12.16] we are announcing a change of leadership within the alliance. Admiral Ladel Teravada, who has served with distinction along side me in the allied council, will be stepping down in his responsibilities as its diplomat and second in command of the alliance. The reason for this is that we are in the process of reconstruction of our allied forces and Admiral Teravada will be focusing in the area as its alliance main Fleet commander, a position he has held for many years before. He will in his position be in charge of Fourth District all military capabilities and make sure that we are up to our continuing defense of Fourth District infrastructures and investments in the region of Providence. Admiral Teravada will also be military liaison to the rest of Providence military high command and coordinate any military effort that might be required. The capsuleer that will be replacing him as Alliance Head Diplomat and second in command is Commander Demion Samenel, who has for many years served in CAIN as its Diplomat. He will take over the administration work as second in command and also be the one in charge of the public relation and diplomatic work as executor for the Department of Foreign Affairs. So without any further notice I would like to welcome our new Head Diplomat and alliance second in command"

This was a few days ago and it seems that our new second in command is settling himself in nicely. We are waiting for a statement from the Department of Foreign Affairs and a personal note from our new Alliance Head Diplomat in the coming days, so stay tuned.

This is District News.

Monday, December 16

Short stories from the District

Kemil had been afraid of space travel all his life, and other than the brief trip through the stars that had brought him to the colony in his mother’s arms, had never stepped foot off a planet. Fifty years later the news that his son, his only child, had been accepted into the elite capsuleer training program filled him with both terror and bitter regret. It was one thing to accept your child was a man grown and off to his own life; it was another thing to watch them show bravery in the face of your own worst fears.


Sunday, December 15

Short stories from the District

The enemy fleet had de-cloaked and locked her before she could transmit a full report of their location. Their superior fire tore through shields and structure in seconds, and she felt the ship fall away around her, the yawning void left in place of where a solid hull and functioning engines had once been leaving her disoriented and breathless. It was only a split second as the pod ejected, but it was enough; she was caught, unable to warp to safety, and simply waited for the searing pain of the poison that would hasten the journey to the next clone. 

Saturday, December 14

Short stories from the District

They had warned him about this part of the job, but when he stood there behind the protective glass wall and watched the thirty-odd recruits lie back and accept the fatal injection, Dovash knew for certain that he would never understand what it was about the heavens that made capsuleers so willing to die to become part of it. One by one the light above the recruits’ stations changed from blue to dull red; in the same span of moments, the green lights above the clone tanks start to blink, and the newly activated clones opened their eyes to immortality.

Wednesday, December 4

The Industrial Advisory Board talks about the future of Planatery Developments within Fourth District.

Z-RFE3 planetary commodities is being shipped away

YC 115.12.4

The industrial corporate powers of the Fourth District better known as the Industrial Advisory Board [IAB] has since a few weeks been pushing for a more open approach to its advertisement and development of Fourth Planetary Industrial sector. Meetings have been taking place in the alliance Headquarters in 3KB-J0 and there is still a lot of discussion taking place.

We need to show that we are ready to increase our traffic in the District, the area would benefit greatly in the increase of revenues and there is a lot of opportunities that could be harvest in this region of space and its planets many of them is still unexploited. Today any corporation can be allowed to put up planetary harvesters and industrial command centers on planets, our tax is set to 7% both for import and export for any corporation or capsuleer that is interested of doing so, and we would recommend to keeping that level at least for the time being. We have compared our tax level to those in Empire controlled space, they are set at 10% on export and 5% on import, and just recently capsuleers are now taking over more and more of the custom offices they want to put their own tax on top of that. We know that many will do their own deals with InterBus to reduce this tax or have other means of doing so but this will only allowed them a reduction 50 % on the taxes which then will add the capsuleers own tax on top of that. They need to profit from it so we foresee that taxes will in the end be much higher than our own. So we are still competitive when it comes to District planetary custom tax, and even more generous to those that are our allies, which then are reduced significantly. But we need to increase the awareness of our space throughout the cluster, let corporations know that they can come to us and we will protect their investments and in return they can profit from our valuable resources. The treat of Sansha have never been lower since the alliance took control and even hostile capsuleer organisations is no treat to us at this moment. So the time for investment is now. Providence is a perfect region due to its open door policy when it comes to newcomers or just profit seeking companies. It´s a perfect area to set you up for good, maybe not the richest region of space but much more so than other high exploited Empire regions. So first for the future is to increase our awareness of similar models of planetary development, to measure the competition, second is to increase our visibility in target areas such as Providence itself, Domain region second, and third to other target region. We also want to improve our relationship with other State loyal entities to make use of our space, it´s not only the State itself that should benefit for our ventures here, others can to, and that will be up to the Office of Foreign Affairs in either case.

This was a brief summery from one of the many meetings the board has concluded at the HQ of the alliance in 3KB. We in Fourth District News Service will keep you updated on the continuing economical development of the District.For more information on Fourth District Planetary effort and how you can help to push State interest into null sec you can find here.

Sunday, November 10

Fourth District sends small task force to assess the call for aid from CONCORD.

YC 115.11.10

Early morning on the 7th, the military command of CAIN and the alliance joint military command received a cluster wide call for aid. This message was received from a cluster wide transmission and relayed to Fourth District News Service.
"Yulai – CONCORD's request that capsuleers assist in an assault on high-priority targets has been amended with a warning of potential retribution from enemy combatants. "We have reason to believe that our assault on this threat to New Eden will be met not only with open hostility, but with a cold and calculated counterblow," said Kilkkuken Mallen, CONCORD representative. "There are powers at work here that do not have the best interest of New Eden at heart, and they are gathering their forces as we speak. We fear we will have to deal with considerably greater opposition than originally expected, so we implore capsuleers yet again to side with the forces of all that is right and just - and, again, leave all the cleaning up to us."
Due to the extend of the operation it was decided from the joint chiefs of the military council that the alliance would send a small task force to assess or if possible assist in the attack. Fourth forces travelled to the solar system of Sarum prime were a Amarr and Caldari fleet was assembled. The initial report form the task force command showed that the cooperation between capsuleers and the different Empire Navies was hard and no clear commands was given.

"I have no idea what went wrong but it is clear that the navies might have not fully understand the power that capsuleer alliance hold in their systems. They would never have done what they did without proper preparations otherwise." - Commander Demion Samenel

The combine fleet of Amarr and State fleet proceeded to the target system, now with a large fleet of capsuleer pilots. The Capsuleer fleet came to a hold in the system of Doril were Razor alliance was waited with heavy attack cruisers and warp disrupting bubbles around the "in-gate" of Doril. "Its was a massacre" the reports states from the Fourth District task force.

"We were not able to jump into system and proceed with our assessment and so were not able to assist any further". Commander Demion Samenel, Head Diplomat from CAIN tells the District News Service.

"Acting Fleet commander Nidia Masters did a good decision to halt our progress beyond the star gate of Doril before we proceed. Lieutenant Turleus did however jump in as he was in a Recon ship and gave a assessment and a first hand witness to the brutal decimation of the capsuleer fleet." Again Commander Samenel tells District News

"It must be handled much better then this if a large fleet operation would ever to succeed against a much more prepared Razor Alliance, who got the same cluster-wide broadcast as the main fleet did" - Commander Samenel

We are still waiting for a official report from the 4 empires on the failure of the operation, as the criminal organisation managed to destroy the targets before the main fleet. But much is still unclear so we have to wait and see what is the official report, if all is included there...

District News

Friday, October 25

Roinnag Alba leaves Fourth District


It was a brief but non the less fun time with the crew of Roinnag Alba corporation. As of yesterday Roinnag Alba left the Fourth District alliance after just one month of service.
The left the NC. with a hope to recoup from years of null-sec politics and constant CTA´s (Call to Arms), they joined the Fourth District in a hope to find small scale warfare and tactics.
But by the time the joined and just had settled in with their own infrastructure, old friend resurfaced and old times was remembered as Triumvirate. was brought to life. This was maybe a sign that were looking for and so they left to join in with their old comrades.

We wish them good and safe winds

Monday, October 14

Admiral Ladel Teravada speaks of old times.

Good morning District News readers, today we will start to focus on some of the more notable capsuleers in the Fourth District, and hopefully this will not be a one time event, and that we can have more of The District capsuleers with us here.

District News: So to start he realy dont need much of an presentation of our first guest, we have all heard him once or twice, he is the main Fleet Commander and High military advisor and board director for the military advisory board, he also sits with the rest of the coalition fleet commanders securing the larger providence region, Admiral Ladel Teravada, welcome.

Ladel: Thank you.

District News: So we start this by honoring you for serving in CAIN for 7 years, waow, 7 years as capsuleer serving you corporation and the State.  So please Admiral tell us your story how this coe to be, and positive a lot of our readers woudl liek to hear you story of the past years.

Ladel: very well, were to start,from the beginnig I guess. Yes 7 years has passed in CAIN for me. Yeah, 7 years. I’m not even the first in corp so don’t look at me that way.  When I first joined CAIN it was roughly a 30 man corporation that had a close conntact with the State and the Navy and each other, it was a good bunch of pilots. They had already then a pretty handsome reputation in the Caldari cluster and especially so after were ordered to interceptand and later killed the scientist Hnolku, for trying to free the Minmatar people…. FOR FREE! This led to a war against Ushra’Khan that ended just shortly before I joined.

District News: Oh can we get some help hear, the Admiral spilled his tea. Yes, he was a traitor to the State, I have the news article here.

Ladel: We still have some people active from those times. Me and Van Cleef for two, but also people you might see now and then such as Vir Doctus, Lord Shrewsberry and Gothan. Derrys and Svetlana Scarlet joined shortly after me and Father Abel half a year after that. It was good times. Dev Larren was our CEO and founder with Cabaeran  co-led the corporation.  I found myself seconded as a junior quartermaster under Gothan and did such glorious tasks as gather together missionloot for reprocessing, researching T1 bpo´s and building missiles for our Caracal/Ferox/Cerberus army.

District News: So basicly you worked youself up from the bottom?

Ladel: Yes. And back then we flew only Caldari ships and made our precense known a lot on the public channels and even while doing missions, going as far as writing battlereports of missionrunning around our base in Isaziwa. We eventually got wardecced by a group called SERK which was a splinter off a then wellknown piratecorp called Infinitus Odium. This was my first taste of real combat. Us lined up in frigates and cruisers versus their HACs charging ahead in my trusty Kestrel and managing to kill a single Crow of theirs before our entire gang got massacred.

SERK left us and a splinteroff from them, Rogues, would come after us in a series of wars that would push us towards where we are today. We eventually managed to field battleships against theirs and had a few good fights where we managed to eventually kill a few and get positive ratios of killed versus lost. When those wars ended we looked for the next logical step. We began anti-pirating hunts. We were young, a small corp but with extremely high activity and pvp was new and exciting for many. Together with a few allies we managed to get 30 man gangs to do small circuits of maybe 6-7 systems that would become our base of operations. We took a chromium moon in that little circuit and I remember sitting in convos haggling about the price for continued sale. Nowadays I seem to find chromiumposes wherever I look.

District News: Indeed, much have changes since back then.

Ladel: We were absolutely horrible at this truth be told and in an attempt to find more experience and new allies we had a small volountary deployment to a place called Agoze, near Intaki. This was during the time of events and it came as a sort of relief-deployment after the destruction of Reschard V which we helped some Sisters of EvE freighters down to for relief. I here helped some local antipirates keep the spacelanes somewhat clear and gained tremendous experience from following their lead.

I eventually came back up north again as we deployed to a small region called Mito-constellation. We lived in a system called Otsasai which was a lowsec area and patrolled the nearby systems. We made some allies down there and were to form the alliance Kimotoro Directive with some of them. Together we made the small constellation fairly safe and I myself was quickly dubbed “The Sheriff of Mito” by the local pirates, much due to our vocal prescense in local channels and me being the most experienced member in alliance. Notable is the formation of Genos Occidere in this region and our first clashes with them where we absolutely murdered their gangs. They’re now the most feared single corporation in EvE.

District News: Vocal indeed, we still get reports after each of your fleet Admiral,  the officers club is a perticular good spot for those.

Ladel: I can imagen that, those nubs do need a good leasson sometimes.

District News: Please continue with your storiy, what happen next when you guys came to Mito.

Ladel: It came to that we faced Star Fraction, a alliance of anarchist, and they eventually came for us after we got news of our success out and went straight for the throat together with Black Rabbits with a 5 week long wardec where we slugged it out in battleships nearly daily. We got a lot of experience but we were eventually pulled apart as a alliance. The other alliance leaders grew  jealous of CAIN and CAIN grew resentful as the fleets we formed were increasingly consisting of only our members. The intensity of the fighting was such as that it gave us cluster wide newscoverage through ISD. The Mito Campaign is til this day the hardest fought campaign CAIN has ever been a part of, in intensity if not in scale. I myself gained another nickname here, “The Cossack”,  for the guerilla warfare we fielded under my FCing. Our strong relationship with CVA was really founded here after their alliance executor sent aid in the form of modules worth over 2 billion, back then a HUGE amount of money.

 After this war we stopped using only caldari ship hulls and allowed people to fly other ships, Svetlana Scarlets love for rustbucket Typhoons being a specific influence for us back then. SERK wardecced us again and at the same time a group called Mordus Angels. We got into contact with these folks and did some coordination in our efforts, culminating in a 20 vs 20 fight in Nonni which was the first time Trony flew with us in his usual way.

District News: "his usual way" please ellaborate.

Ladel: Yeah you now sneaking in and putting a few rounds and then fly away. Just whoring on the battlerapports.

District News: Ah I see.

Ladel: After SERKs withdrew we continued talking with MOA and decided to try out nullsec life, moving out to 5ZZK-X in Pure Blind. We learnt a lot during this time, flying with MOA and other unaffiliated groups up in 5Z and in some ways this was the golden age for us. Activity was high and we began making a name for ourselves out in 0.0 for our dogged resistance against the odds. Some of the highest ranking combat pilots of that time went so far as to say they specifically avoided 5ZXX for fear of losing their ships. We had a lot of good fights and even some fun wardecs in empire.

After a time we went down to empire again as we became hot in the news again after a certain freighter incident on our behalf, we went into war with a group called the Acheron Federation. This marks a change in our corp as well.. We suddenly realized what the last few years had done to us as we went up with equal or lesser numbers against a well supplied foe and even with several different FCs outclassed them in combat. Another notable incursion to highsec during this time was a wardec against Star Fraction together with CVA/PIE/AM and one against Electus Matari/VETO/Black Rabbits which is notable mainly of the fact that we at one point during the war fielded a corporation only fleet of 30, mostly battleships.

District News: Is this when the formation of Fourth District first is precented?

Ladel: Yes, we went back out and formed the Fourth District together with Copperhead Arsenal and ColdWing. MOA got split up and we took the role as leaders of the 5z coalition with several MOA members, Trony, Thracer Ametine and Alexande Sarende to name a few joining us instead. We evicted some snotnosed punks from 5z vicinity with the help of our expertise in guerilla warfare ,our blasterharpies being a huge factor here with tons of kills, and even stole a dysprosium moon,back when it was the most valuable resource in the cluster and a few technetiummoons, barely worth it back then.  Some of us headed down to Providence to repay our debt to CVA when they fought Ushra’Khan for the control or Providence and eventually won.

 By this time we had participated twice in the alliance tournament too, even making it into the finals day the second time, but more would come later.

District News: Yes, the capsuleers tournament has been on of your yearly happenings. Its a though competition. Please Admiral continue.

Ladel: The boarders war between Gallente and the State started to get more active, more known as "the faction wars" we decided to head down to Kinakka, a hisec entrancesystem near the solarsystems of Jita and Nonni. From here we did fleets under myself or Mookuh, a very skilled fleetcommander of ours at the time, and hit hostiles here and there, both pirates and wartargets. Things didn’t heat up for real until a group called The Dead Parrots Shoppe began taking Caldari systems and eventually came to our backyard. They had by then taken something like three constellations themselves but after weeks of trying to take our constellation they gave up, having suffered immense casualties and morale being low. The caldari retook those systems until the next group arrived, Dark Rising. They were a huge nullsec corporation for that time and did the same as the Parrots had, taking constellation after constellation til they moved next doors to Kinakka.

This is another keystone in our history.. the defense of that constellation. Outnumbered 3 or even 4 to 1 in actual numbers, we went up time after time fighting in both the unrestricted complexes with battleships and down to frigs and destroyers. Several of our fleetcommanders did great during this time and when the smoke settled they had only managed to take a single system in a months time. They left the area with heavy losses and we were once again victorious.  Noone else came for us and we went on the offensive, moving to Intaki where we together with 22nd Black Rise Defense Division spearheaded the effort that would allow the Caldari to control all of Gallente boarder "warfare" space.

After the "faction wars" was over we decided we should do nullsec again and went down to CVA space to try to fly with them again now when Providence was theirs. Turned out it wasn’t very interesting and our activity dropped fast. We couldn’t even get any help to establish ourselves or access to jumpbridges. In a somewhat panicky effort to keep the corporation alive we surged to join a nullsec alliance with space up in Deklein, a very rich region. We joined OWN alliance  and moved up north again.

District News: Ah the famous OWN alliance, how did that go?

Ladel: It didn’t take long for us to establish as a leading corp and myself as the head fleetcommander and first part of Deklein Coalition leadership and later Monkeycommand, the leadershipchannel of the Northern Coalition. But all wasn’t well. We weren’t a good match for  OWN. We have always had a hard time cooperating with others after the madness of the Kimotoro Directive but the leadership of the alliance was the worst I’ve ever seen. For those around you might remember my clashes with Deagol1 who was second in command of the alliance. Our dislike was so strong that he repeatedly dragged me out of fcing fights due to some perceived slight.

We had a few nice fights during the period in OWN and another run for alliance tournament, but eventually we decided to leave and as we were evaccing assets, the entire alliance collapsed under the corrupt misdealings of the leadership. We hit empire after this but before long we had a new offer to join Ethereal Dawn down in Tenerifis, though before we had fully moved out they lost Tenerifis and got pushed back to Catch… Once again we ran a bunch of fights before deciding to leave, ED being an empty shell of nothing.

District News: Yeah, a second time most have been hard on your pilots?

Ladel: Yes it was. Well back in empire we found ourselves aimless and it was first by the pushing of Intex Encapor and Lara Abyssinian of SPL that we eventually reformed the Fourth District, took a constellation in Provi and went there with friends. The rest you know.

District News: Ah yes this is the second time Fourth District is formed as a complete alliance. And to this date it seems like a good choice.

Ladel: Yes, that was our second time, we spearheaded it with SPL at first but we had to take over when they left the alliance. I miss a lot of people these days that were important for my early days.. People like Mookuh, Shirukii, Trion Kadeshi, Cazzir, Wolfgang and Cierra and so many others. But I also find comfort in the fact that these people are always around. A lot of people come back to the corporation after leaving.. others are replaced by new friends and co-pilots.

Here’s for another 7 years of mayhem, stories and friendships!

District News: Here here! We thank you Admiral for your time and that you could tell us your seven years of history with both CAIN and the 4TH District. We hope you all well and sage winds in you future endevours.

Friday, October 11

Joint project with Aurora Arcology and 4TH District planetary developement on Ayem.

Fourth District News Service can now confirm a joint planetary development project with the humanitarian project "Aurora Arcology". The Auroura project have during its existence worked to help refugees from different kind of conflict zone through out the EVE cluster. It has done a great job to transport them and give them a place away from conflict and in the long run hopefully a new start in life.

Weeks of negotiation has been develop a joint project to start to send these refugees to Fourth District in a attempt to increase inhabitants of the colony of Ayem. This will take pace during the coming year and hopefully will both enriched the effort of Aurora Arcology and the planetary development of Planet Ayem on Fourth District.

We will work closely both with District Infrastructure Department and with Auroura Arcology to see how this will progress.

The spokesperson of the colony is Commander Demion Samenel
"I oversee its progress and tries to work both with the alliance council and with our Infrastructure development as a mediator and the board of CEO´s and other stake holders that have an interest in its development. And of course I also stay in contact with the military council of Fourth District to assist in treat assessment." 
We hope that this will bring new prosperous times for the colony, and we at District News Service sure hope all the best for Jandice Ylmadris and her Auroura Arcology.

Caldari Independent Navy Reserve sends capsuleers to Black Rise Region

Okagaiken – Ships whose transponder callsigns match those of Tibus Heth and other Provist loyalists who'd escaped the Haatomo siege were detected in the Okagaiken system of Black Rise's Urpiken constellation. the Caldari Navy has reported. The Navy immediately scrambled a task force to intercept Heth's ship, but they were unable to locate any trace of it after a 24-hour search.
The Navy has deployed further forces to Urpiken in an effort to track down Heth, but Federal Defence Union occupation of several systems in the constellation have hampered efforts. The Navy has urged Caldari loyalists to be diligent and immediately report any sightings of Heth or ships piloted by members of the Templis Dragonaurs.
Yesterday the Diplomatic office of Fourth District received, in a cluster wide broadcast, news of former KK CEO Tibus Heth was spotted in the Black Region. The military command of CAIN did immediately send a small task force to assist in the search, again offer its assistance to the Caldari Navy. 

District News cannot get any more details on the movment of the allinace forces due to its "opsec" status. But we hope to bring you more information in the coming days.

District News

Thursday, October 3

Medal ceremony for the 11th New Eden alliance tournament.

Fourth District News Service was present when medals was handed out to pilots that participated in the 11th alliance tournament for capsuleer which as usual was held in a secluded part of New Eden. Many of the District members had gathers in the foyer of the Yakiya Garden were they was served drinks and socialised with both capsuleers and non capsuleers from the District. After an hour had past everyone was welcomed to the Officers club in garden itself and were the tournament captain Admiral Ladel Teravada had prepared a speech. Members from almost every corporation, and some non capuleers was gathered to see the medals being handed out by the Admiral.
"Its a great honour to be handing out these medals to those who deserve it, they have shown that they are willing to put there own agenda aside and serve their alliance. We do this not out of profit but to show that we can be as good as the best out there, and we do this with pride, wear them accordingly. But before  I present you the pilots who has participated in this years alliance tournament I would like to address those who did not receive a medal today but by helping their team with targets and practise and theorycrafting. We can not state enough the importance how much this was an alliance effort, so also a great thanks to members of Ubuntu and Copperhead. Now if you will please join me up here and receive your medal after I read your name."
Team Captain Admiral Ladel Teravada.

The gathered crowd applaud whilst those pilots who flew under the flag of Fourth District joined the Admiral on the balcony. One after one they were called up to receive this years medal, one medal for the officers of Caldari Independent Navy Reserve and one for the pilots from Melnie Vanagi.

After the ceremony the officers club of Yakiya Garden was open for the public were the gathered crowd could celebrate the recipients for the rest of the evening. 

The recipients from Caldari Independent Navy Reserve are as followed:

Admiral Ladel Teravada
Admiral Trony
Commander Demion Samenel
Commander Ellyra
Lieutenant Commander Lord Shrewsberry
Lieutenant Turleus
Lieutenant Junior Grade Alexande Serand
Lieutenant Junior Grade Nidia Masters
Midshipman Aegir Rasputin
Midshipman Calder dk
Midshipman Sillanda Kachira
Midshipman Xissit

The recipients from Melnie Vanagi are as followed:

Purpura Vanags Pure Kickass
Melnai Vanags Puupolinsh

Thursday, September 26

Rionnag Alba joins the Fourth District

4 days ago it was confirmed that one of the core corporation of Northern Coalition. [NC.] signed the papers for joining the Fourth District. This comes after a state of the alliance speech earlier in September by NC. were it was said that Rionnag Alba had the intention of moving on to new hunting grounds in Providence region. Nothing about the discussion between capsuleers from R A or 4TH has been made public and it was held behind closed doors.

"All I can say at this point is that we are happy to have them aboard with us, they will make a good addition to the alliance."
Admiral Trony

"The alliance has a lot of smaller patrols around and I think we can offer what they seek, small gang warfare strategies with plenty of targets around and smaller patrols instead of the massive fleets that you can find in deep null sec space." 
Commander Demion Samenel

A short summary from the state of the alliance speech of NC.

Friday, September 6

The Fourth District held a naming ceremony of its newly build Avatar class Titan.

Fourth District News Service has recently been allowed information about a project that has been under strict military control for the last few months. And its just minutes before a alliance wide information release from the alliance council and the alliance military advisory board was issued.
"For the last months different parties have helped us to build a Fourth District Titan, it is the first ever created for the alliance, and it shows us what dedication and hard work can accomplished if we put our minds to it. The Titan will serve the alliance in its needs and also in extend so the State. It will serve us to defend our space and to be a beacon of our dedication to our cause and the Caldari people. We are here to created a place were values of our State can endure and prosper and were new ventures can be created and develop. Lets make this day our day, and let this Titan serve as that beacon that gives us the direction to keep on improving our self "   
The military advisory board also stated that "The CSAA that was attacked by NC. last month was also the one that held the unfinished structure of the Titan. It was in its last phase of completion, but there was a very high risk that continued attacks would have damage the structure to such extent that we could have lost our investment. We are very happy that was not the case here"

And just few days ago a naming ceremony was held in the District to give the Titan class its name. a few members was invited and the location was kept secret up until the last moment. A short speech was held by alliance executor Trony and all in all the ceremony was short due to security reasons. Finally after the alliance executors speech he announced the name for the Titan C.N.R Jenova.

After the ceremony the Titan jumped out and into its holding area which is not open to public knowledge and under strict control from the alliance council and the alliance military advisory board.

Finally we in Fourth District News Service welcome C.N.R Jenova to active duty with The Fourth District.

Corporations of the Fourth District: Ubuntu Inc.

Update: From the interview to its publication by the Fourth District News Service. The Former CEO of Ubuntu Jessica Danikov has resigned and a new CEO was appoinited to take her place, Gothmog VanMorgoth.

We now turn our eyes on the largest of the corporation of the Fourth District Ubuntu Inc. District news Service had the plessure of speaking to CEO Jessica Danikov and let her have the say of the corporation she took over just days after they joined the District in the Providence region.

District News: "God afternoon"

Jessica: "God afternoon you to"

District News: "So, we will get started with this small interviwe were we will have the opertunity to get to know you, and your corporation a bit better"

Jessica: "Sounds great" 

District News: "So to start, can you tell us alittle how Ubuntu Inc. came to be?"

Jessica: "Sure my plessure. Ubuntu Inc. which is colloquially know by it's members as just 'Ubuntu' was formed in YC 113 from the ashes of Valor Inc. founded YC 110 but since revitalised by new management, in the hope of creating a less elitist combat-orientated organisation."

District News: "Mhm I see, so basicly a different organisation where capsuleer could do more than just combat and where you could have more options for you and your members." 

Jessica: "Yes, pretty much"

District News: "Please continue"

Jessica: "So we recognising the steady influx of new capsuleers with minimal combat experience and training, Ubuntu's goal was to attract these capsuleers and provide basic training laid upon a tribal-esque framework to promote loyalty and unity. As all members are tasked with recruitment and the education of their peers, Ubuntu is capable of rapid growth and has achieved large number of pilots with sufficient minimal training to pose a serious military threat. Ultimately, Ubuntu believes in both quality and quantity, in the sense that equal amounts of both can achieve a multiplicative effect that is hard to ignore."

District News: "I see, so you are recruiting young and newly licensed pilots and train them in the direction that required. Well you have aquired a large number of pilots and what we have seen they do both industrial projects of there own of for Ubuntu Inc. and join combat patrols. And I dont think any one will dissagree that every combar fleet needs pilots with all sorts of experince.Can you explain a bit more of this tribal-esque attitude?"

 Jessica: "Sure, basicly its our way to function as a coproration in the sense that all capsuleers are reborned when they become a capsuleer. We want that to be as a credo for the corporation so we promote a more open style of corporate function and every member is reborned into Ubuntu"

District News: "I see, please, continue" 

Jessica: "Yes. Rather uniquely, Ubuntu had no investment backing nor taxation system and is runned entirely by private funding and generous donations from it's members, a practice that continues to this day. Their tribal ceremony is often a little unnerving to onlookers and new recruits, while a number of concerns have been expressed over the rather cult-like practices Ubuntu practices- a CONCORD investigation revealed no illegal usages of implants or drugs within Ubuntu's ranks and that no undue coercion had occurred."

District News: "mhm, thank you very good. Please continue"

Jessica: "Ubuntu joined The Fourth District near the end of YC 114 after an internal rebellion saw a departure of a number of senior officers and eventually led to the resignation and replacement of Ubuntu's CEO. Null security space provided the opportunity to enrich Ubuntu's bottom-up economy and the possibility of more serious military engagements. For political reasons, Providence was an ideal choice due to it's friendliness towards non-affiliated entities while Ubuntu and The Fourth District were a natural match- Ubuntu providing much-needed numbers, while CAIN and other member corporations brough veteran military experience to the table to share with Ubuntu's more junior military. Ubuntu is constitutionally multi-racial and has no strong affiliations beyond being broadly anti-piracy and respecting Empire law, however as a member of The Fourth District, Ubuntu has been happy to support the Alliance's interests in Caldari politics and the military action that frequently does result."

District News: "Yes, we heard something about that few months back. It seems to have turned out for the best.. We are happy to have you onboard and we will be watching you all for future to come. We in District News thank you Ms.Danikov for your time."  ¨

Jessica: "Thank you."

Fomer CEO Jessica Danikov
Newly appointed CEO of Ubuntu Inc. Gothmog VanMorgoth

Sunday, August 18

Ayem colony under high alert after recent attacks.

The colony of Ayem in I-MGAB solar system has been put under high alert by the planetary military forces of Fourth District after the recent attacks on alliance property in the system. The order comes directly from the alliance command through the planetary development office of Fourth District. It comes days after capsuleer battles around the moons and around the systems both star gates and even if the battles has not yet reached the planet a decision was made to protect both the citizens and the property of Fourth District.

"We made a commitment to our development of our space when we came here and we made a commitment when the colony was attacked from Sansha forces. This time we are prepared and actions has been taken to secure our infrastructure and our personnel on the planets surface"
- Cmdr. Demion Samenel, Diplomat, Caldari Independent Navy Reserve.

No official rapports has come from the alliance military advisory board from the attacks on alliance infrastructures.

"All I can say is that Northern Coalition. [NC.] has decided to attack our infrastructure in an unprovoked attack. And this has made us be on high alert on future attacks. It has also escalated in to two larger battles and a few smaller skirmishes between 4TH and other Providence coalition members. Rest ashore that we are on the top of things and we will defend our property to the best of our ability, but NC. is one of the major powers in capsuleer controlled space, so it is a daunting task to face them. What made them attack Providence is a this point unclear, it was a unprovoked attack, that all I can see is that they want to show their naighbours who has the biggest d****, sadly no one is watching..."  

- Cmdr. Demion Samenel

We will be as always providing updates on recent news to you.
Fourth District News Service

Tuesday, July 23

Alliance Tournament Interview with LT Turelus of CAIN.

The Fourth District News Service managed to secure an interview earlier today with Lieutenant Turelus of the Caldari Independent Navy Reserve, where we were able to get the details of The Fourth District’s first two Alliance Tournament matches.

District News: First of all, welcome Turelus and thank you for taking some time to have a chat with us.

Turelus: No problem.

District News: For our first question, how have you felt about the overall training and preparation of The Fourth District in regards to the tournament?

Turelus: I've been very impressed with it. We have seen a lot of participation from each of the member corporations of The Fourth District this year, and have worked closely as a group to improve upon faults we discovered early on. I really felt with each practice flight that we were becoming less individual pilots from our respective corporations and more of a united team.
District News:
For those who have followed the tournament in previous years, one noticeable difference this year is the change in team captain from Fleet Admiral Trony to Admiral Teravada. Can you tell us about this decision?

Turelus: While Admiral Trony has led the team in previous tournaments, his growing responsibilities as The Fourth District Executor meant that Admiral Teravada stepped in to assume the position of team captain this year. Admirals Trony and Teravada have worked closely together in regards to our tournament training and organisation in the past, so while he is not the captain of our team this year you can rest assured that Trony has had a great deal of input into our team.

District News: Moving on to the matches you participated in this weekend, could you tell me how confident you were going into the first match and a little about your thoughts and tactics within the match? From our point of view it was an impressive and clean victory.

Certainly. Going into the first match we were pretty confident, and while you're never sure what fleet compositions you will come up against the setup we chose had proven in previous tournaments to be a strong and capable fleet. Before the match our nerves were high; there is something about Alliance Tournament matches that make even the most veteran pilots return to the adrenalin-pumped and heart pounding feeling of being a rookie Capsuleer.
Once we saw our opponent’s setup we were very confident we had the match won as long as we kept our cool and didn't make any stupid mistakes. The MJD (Micro-Jump Drive) from our opponents caught us off guard, but the team was able to recover quickly and adapt to a new set of tactics, a testament to the hours each pilot has spent in training. We did take a couple of avoidable losses due to piloting error, which were discussed by the team in the post-flight debrief.

District News: Thank you. We have the same question now regarding you confidence and tactics for the second match. This one didn't go as well for you.

Turelus: No, not at all. There was a lot more pressure going into this match. Rote Kapelle has proven to be a formidable opponent in previous tournaments and there is still a lot of tension when our two alliances clash. We knew the battle would be a struggle from the moment we saw their fleet composition and the announcement of their flag ship Bhaalgorn in local channels. Our greatest fear had been realised as they had fielded the scissors to our paper. This didn't stop us from trying though. We're not the kind of alliance to say "well, we're screwed, let’s go home," so tactics and orders were laid out before the match began and we tried our hardest to overcome the immeasurable odds. Unfortunately, it didn't work out.

District News: You have a week now before your next match where you will face off against R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N. How confident are you about this match and will you be making any special preparations for it?

Turelus: We're reasonably confident about the match, but we won't get cocky. R.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N is an unknown to us as a new alliance within the tournament so we don't yet have a full grasp of their skills. As for preparations, we will go back to training and discussions to continue pushing the potential of our team.

District News: Lieutenant Turelus, thank you again for your time. We wish you and the rest of The Fourth District alliance the best of luck in your upcoming match and look forward to watching the team hopefully make it all the way to the finals and beyond.

Turelus: Thank you.

District News: We will be setting up an interview with another member of The Fourth District’s tournament team after next weekend's matches. Be sure to tune in for the latest information and news as we follow the team’s progress through the Alliance Tournament.

For those of you who missed The Fourth District's matches last weekend we have included the holoreels below.

Tuesday, July 9

The menece of HED-GP and Rahadalon, an interview with Melnie Vanagi of Fourth District

Next corporation up for our continued news focused broadcast is Melnie Vanagi. The "Hawks" was a small corporation that took up residence in Fourth District during its first year in Providence. Back then the corporation was only a small numbers of 15 capsuleers which now over times has grown into a medium sized  corporation with 54 members. It is one of the most active combat corporation within the Fourth District and has shown great expertise in frigate combat piloting. we have the pleasure to talk to Kra senior RA, CEO of Melenie Vanagi via a VR link.

District News: "Good morning sir. Pleasure to have you uplinked to us."

Kra: "Thank you"

District News: "I had the opportunity to talk to mr. RA just before we started to broadcast and we talk about the govern structure of Melenie Vanagi. And you mr.RA sad that you don't have a hierarchy system in you corporation, that its more of a open ruling system. Is that correct? "

Kra: "Yes, that is correct,as many of our members  are from minmatar heritage we have found that a more open non-strict hierarchy works best. We feel that it is unnecessary in our case."

District News: "As I see. But there is no problem to respect the authority of Fourth District ? "

Kra: "No not realy, Fourth District has a strong military background, we respect that, and our corporate more anarchistic approach does not effect the alliance at large. And our dedication to providence region and our previous alliance with CVA comes down to my will as leader. The others is out for prove themselves in combat and making money. One could say that we are aligned with a practical mindset if we were in the Caldari State, making money at all cost."

District News: I see, very well. Your combat record is very impressive and Fourth District sure has a lot to thank your pilots for. Moving on could you say something of your earlier days as a capsuleer corporation?

Kra: "Sure, Melnie Vanagi or "Black Hawks" was founded by group of friends and united pilots speaking the same local language (Latvian language). Soon after its dawn MV joined CVA alliance and went straight into bloody fight to defend Providence region that was invaded by southern hordes. It was probably one of reasons corporation went straight into heavy warfare orientation and has kept it to these days."

District News: Ah so it has always been a combat oriented corporation?

Kra: "Yes, with such heavy focus on guerrilla warfare corporation specialised on light and fast hulls mostly. Frigates and cruisers even attack battle cruisers but rarely larger hulls. Recently we have started to develop capital ship wing but it grows slowly."

District News: "Hehe, thats a big leap from small hulls, sure you are able to handle the turns of a dreadnought?"

Kra "Yes, that won't be a problem"

District News:" Please continue Mr.RA"

Kra: "At its beginning corporation was NBSI and even attacked some ships from citadel community, but  since my joining it went straight into full support of Lord Aralis that was our mentor and so Melenie Vanagi started to grow towards supporting Amarr Empire and my training even hardened this direction. MV are not picky about attacking different pilots of New Eden as we are convinced that in most cases they are pirates and will attack us if given such chance. This conviction sometimes conflicts with alliance views, but as we are reimbursing all losses that occur accidentally killing some friendly pilots we get along well, I suppose."

District News: "Can you please tell our readers more about the non combat side of the "Black Hawks"?

Kra: "We are quite relaxed about our life's in space as we are immortal and life is way more enjoyable with good vine and few exotic dancer on board. Motto known to our comrades is - we fly sober but shoot drunk. Second one is - we came to kill all of you. What is quite true. HED-GP and Rahadalon inhabitants know our pilots quite well and we are feared by corporations red to us and living close enough."

District News: "Hehe, so we have seen on your kill statistic. Well keep up the good work and it has been a pleasure speaking with you sir."

Kra: "Thank you" 

Melnie Vanagi CEO Kra Senior RA
Melnie Vanagi combat videos

Sunday, July 7

Corporations of the 4TH District: Copperhead Arsenal

After more than two years in the reach of Providence region I think its time we focus on those that have gone great lengths to make this region their home. This is why we, the Fourth District News Service, would like to make a few articles on those corporation that was there from the beginning or have joined up along the road. They are here today to help created this Caldari enclave in Providence region and make a home for themselves. First out is Copperhead Arsenal, a founding corporation of the Fourth District and a well experienced group of capsuleers in  many areas from industry to combat.  District News have the pleasure to talk to Vaelden Athargan, newly appointed CEO for Copperhead Arsenal over a VR link.

District News: "Good evening mr. Athargan, a pleasure to meet you sir."

Vaelden: "Thank you, its a pleasure to be here"

District News: "Would you like to start with something from the early days of Copperhead? How did you come to be in the alliance?  I mean your corporation is one of the founding members."

Vaelden :"Sure, would be happy to. Copperhead was founded as an industrial corporation in Lonetrek with the interest of producing high-quality ammunition and weaponry.  In our founding months, we encountered the Caldari Independent Navy Reserve, and struck a good accord in short order.  Soon, we were fitting in with them, producing wares to fuel their war efforts. Copperhead has been supporting CAIN ever since, and is the only other founding corporation at their side  after COLD-Wing's dedication to the Militia efforts of the Caldari State."

District News: "Ah so you pretty much was allied with CAIN from the start?  Nice to meet such a long lived allied to CAIN. Sadly COLD-Wings is not longer with us in the alliance but their contribution to the alliance has sure not gone unnoticed.

Vaelden: "Yes, it is sad that they left, but their effort and contribution is coming to good use in the Milita."

District News: "Anything you can say about your current goals? "

Vaelden: "Our current efforts are a wide base of combat operations within Fourth fleets, industrial support of the local constellation market, and combat patrols of Fourth space to keep Sansha efforts at bay.  Our pilots are consistently found in every corner of our reach, pursuing most every endeavor."

District News: " Seems you have your work cut out for you, well I think the Fourth District and its residents have a lot to thank to your efforts. Its sure needed if one is to succeed in building something out of these depths of space. Well I thank you for your time mr.Athargan, I know that you are busy man so I will not hold you any further."

Vaeldan: "Thank you"

Copperhead Arsenal CEO, Vaeldan Athargan. 

Wednesday, June 19

Fourth District will be entering this year Alliance Tournament.

This has just been announced that Fourth District has been accepted in the yearly recurring alliance fleet tournament for capsuleers all over New Eden. This is the 11th year in a row, that the secretive CCP Alliance host the tournament  in a secluded area of space. 64 alliances will be going head to head in a large arena set up in space, in combat fleets with 12 pilots each, and much is heading to a realy exiting event.

4TH will  not be the only allinace from Providence that is participating in this years tournament, both CVA and Of Sound Mind will be entering the tournament to, best of luck to them!
"We are looking forward to this years tournament, we have a great team this year and everyone is putting everything into this years training" the team captain told District News.
4TH Districts first match will be on the 20th of July against Perihelion Alliance.

Here is this years Schedule so stay tuned!

Heavy fighting in Haatomo system between Templis Dragonaurs and Navy forces

Later in the evening on the 18th the office of Diplomatic relations from Fourth District intercepted a cluster wide broadcast 
"SCOPE BREAKING NEWS - Reports of sporadic gunfire on board Haatomo VII - Moon 3 station after Caldari armed forces assault sieged hangar."
 Caldari Independent Navy reserve responded by sending task force from the District and meet up in Haatomo solar system with the observer team from 4TH District. 

The task force under the command of Admiral Ladel Teravada arrived shortly with a fleet Caldari attack battlecruiser "Naga" class with "Vulture" class command support. The fleet warp in at close range from Caldari Construction undock were 4th task force hold position. 

Shortly after, the stations communication system started to broadcast and Dragonaurs terrorist Tolen Kirachi spoke to the fleet outside.  Heavy gunfire could be heard in the background from the interior of the station that muffled hist broadcast.
Tolen Kirakachi > You guys think you can burst us open like that? You can break a few men, but you can't break our ideals, pigs.
Suddenly a capital fleet with Templis Dragonaurs markings undocked and tried to clear the area outside from capsuleer presence Chimera and Phoenix class carriers and dreadnoughts was now sitting just outside the station. Order from caldari Navy was given to keep the caprial fleet from escaping and order to open fire was received from 4TH task force commander Adm.Ladel Teravade. 
Tarawari Tano > Keep them pinned down capsuleers!
Most of the Dragonaurs fleet had to be taken out before the Caldari Navy force could undock from the station. One after one, the terrorist fleet lost their capitals from the massive damage of capsuleer piloted battleships and battlecruisers and when the undock was clear the allowed the Navy to undock, the fate of the provist supported fleet was sealed. Not long after a neutral flagged navy raven class battleship undocked and succeeded to escape from the blockade. This was no other than Dragonaurs commander Tolen Kirakachi, when this was positive confirmed from Navy commander Tano that he was missing from the station and had escaped, orders from Navy commander Tolen was broadcasted.

Capital kill rapport
Tarawari Tano > All capsuleer loyalists, if you can find him, report it immediately! 
CAIN´s Navy intelligence contacts around the State succeeded in locate him in the system of Otsasai  This was directly sent to the Navy Cmdr.Tano. 
Ladel Teravada > Strike Commander Tano? Tolen Kirakachi has been located. Sending information directly. 
After that the hostile capital fleet was destroyed, DED officer Odo Korachi entered system to assess the situation, and a discussion on open comms could be received by the gathered capsuleer forces. 
Odo Korachi > This is Brigadier General Odo Korachi of the Directive Enforcement Department - Caldari Navy - Status Report.
Tarawari Tano > Back off, DED. This is an internal Caldari matter and we have the situation under control 
Tarawari Tano > All hostile capital ships have been destroyed or taken control of in the docking ring
Tarawari Tano > We are currently attempting to discover the whereabouts of one of the Dragonaurs by the name of Tolen.
Odo Korachi > Excellent work. The Directive Enforcement Department has listening posts open for the Raven class that just departed. 
Odo Korachi > We have just received notification that Tibus Heth is branded as wanted by the Caldari State. If he's on board, he's yours. If we come by him, he'll be turned in as per Article 9.
When this was received 4th District task force immediately went to the target system of Otsasai, and at this point is even seemed that Tibus Heth was onboard the fugitive Tolen´s ship. But no positive confirmation from Caldari Navy command could be obtained, one things was clear however, Tibus Heth was not onboard the station when the dust had settled. 
Tarawari Tano > Assuming you can take Heth alive, do so. We will give him a proper trial 

Tarawari Tano > If not... Well, when a man declares war on the State, sometimes they die
 In Jan solar system, 4TH District forces meet resistance from pirate capsuleers that stopped 4TH forces progress into Otsasai system, this was enough for Tolen to hide inside Otsasai system. After a few hours of search, orders came from task force commander Teravada to stand down for now and continue our search later.

Terrorist Tolen Kirakachi and presumably Tibus Heth is hiding for now, but they will surface soon, its only a matter of time. Which is nothing for an capsuleer.