"The Fourth District will be a beacon for all people who value the traditional historical values that makes the State great"

- Vice Admiral Van Cleef

Thursday, December 26

Short stories from the District


There was not much Joni could do when he saw her fall, the narrow staircase that was secure into the station bulkhead had without warning collapsed, only a sudden scream just before the metal sound of the staircase giving in had warned him and rest of the station workers that something had gone horrible wrong. The last thing he saw was her wide open eyes and flying arms as she tried to reach for anything to hold on to. Then a distant “thud” sounded as her body hit landing pad C, some 40 meters below. His reality started to muffle the sound around him and his vision tunneled as he saw her fall. Without thinking he started to run down the stairs alongside one of the fuel silos to the landing pad, he dropped every tool he was carrying and as he was running he kept screaming “medic to the floor! Medic to the floor!” thinking that he should be the one that should fall, not her. Suddenly their date from last night was coming back to him and the emotion that came with it, he ignored anyone who stood in his way and his adrenaline filled mind ignored the running chaos he made while descending to the floor.


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