"The Fourth District will be a beacon for all people who value the traditional historical values that makes the State great"

- Vice Admiral Van Cleef

Sunday, December 28

Circadian Seekers in I-MGAB

YC 116.28.12

Station personnel in Port Larren station in I-MGAB was this evening surrounded by three unclassified vessels known as Circadian Seekers by scientists. They where engaging what was noted as "surface to structure deep scanning"of Port Larren station. No success was meet with communicating with the vessels others than faint signal of unknown origin. Finally a order was given to eliminate them due to the unknown origin on to what structure scanned that they gathered where to be used as.  They did not engage back but all three was not eliminated and one escaped the engagement no sign of the vessels could be found and from the remaining wreckage nothing useful could be salvaged other than alloys that now I have been sent for analysis. 

This is the second day that this kind of behavior has been sited in I-MGAB and Fourth District Military Command has stepped up its presence in I-MGAB.

District News Service

Saturday, December 27

Undentified Structure in I-MGAB

 YC 116.12.27

An unidentified structure was today reported and observed in solar system of I-MGAB. The structure, as seen below, is limited visual and distort light around it. A beacon where transmitting a signal out from the area that was intercepted by a resident capusleer. We also know now that the signal was received at the colony on Ayem and that finding of the signal has been forward to the the colony research team.

Astero Pilot Alexander Corvinus was able to take some pictures and a distorted video uptake of the encounter, as seen below.

The findings of this structure has been forward ot Fourth District Leadership for further analysis of the findings.

Astero pilot Alexander Corvinus making close observations of the Structure. No scans was able to penetrate it so its still uncertain on what is was. 
A short time after the initial observation a group of unknown drones  type "Circadian Seekers" entered the area of space. 
They started to scan the beacon that still transmitted a signal and then continued on to the structure. The left as quickly as the came,  unknown on to what they where doing or why.

Wednesday, December 24

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