"The Fourth District will be a beacon for all people who value the traditional historical values that makes the State great"

- Vice Admiral Van Cleef

Sunday, August 18

Ayem colony under high alert after recent attacks.

The colony of Ayem in I-MGAB solar system has been put under high alert by the planetary military forces of Fourth District after the recent attacks on alliance property in the system. The order comes directly from the alliance command through the planetary development office of Fourth District. It comes days after capsuleer battles around the moons and around the systems both star gates and even if the battles has not yet reached the planet a decision was made to protect both the citizens and the property of Fourth District.

"We made a commitment to our development of our space when we came here and we made a commitment when the colony was attacked from Sansha forces. This time we are prepared and actions has been taken to secure our infrastructure and our personnel on the planets surface"
- Cmdr. Demion Samenel, Diplomat, Caldari Independent Navy Reserve.

No official rapports has come from the alliance military advisory board from the attacks on alliance infrastructures.

"All I can say is that Northern Coalition. [NC.] has decided to attack our infrastructure in an unprovoked attack. And this has made us be on high alert on future attacks. It has also escalated in to two larger battles and a few smaller skirmishes between 4TH and other Providence coalition members. Rest ashore that we are on the top of things and we will defend our property to the best of our ability, but NC. is one of the major powers in capsuleer controlled space, so it is a daunting task to face them. What made them attack Providence is a this point unclear, it was a unprovoked attack, that all I can see is that they want to show their naighbours who has the biggest d****, sadly no one is watching..."  

- Cmdr. Demion Samenel

We will be as always providing updates on recent news to you.
Fourth District News Service

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