"The Fourth District will be a beacon for all people who value the traditional historical values that makes the State great"

- Vice Admiral Van Cleef

Friday, September 6

Corporations of the Fourth District: Ubuntu Inc.

Update: From the interview to its publication by the Fourth District News Service. The Former CEO of Ubuntu Jessica Danikov has resigned and a new CEO was appoinited to take her place, Gothmog VanMorgoth.

We now turn our eyes on the largest of the corporation of the Fourth District Ubuntu Inc. District news Service had the plessure of speaking to CEO Jessica Danikov and let her have the say of the corporation she took over just days after they joined the District in the Providence region.

District News: "God afternoon"

Jessica: "God afternoon you to"

District News: "So, we will get started with this small interviwe were we will have the opertunity to get to know you, and your corporation a bit better"

Jessica: "Sounds great" 

District News: "So to start, can you tell us alittle how Ubuntu Inc. came to be?"

Jessica: "Sure my plessure. Ubuntu Inc. which is colloquially know by it's members as just 'Ubuntu' was formed in YC 113 from the ashes of Valor Inc. founded YC 110 but since revitalised by new management, in the hope of creating a less elitist combat-orientated organisation."

District News: "Mhm I see, so basicly a different organisation where capsuleer could do more than just combat and where you could have more options for you and your members." 

Jessica: "Yes, pretty much"

District News: "Please continue"

Jessica: "So we recognising the steady influx of new capsuleers with minimal combat experience and training, Ubuntu's goal was to attract these capsuleers and provide basic training laid upon a tribal-esque framework to promote loyalty and unity. As all members are tasked with recruitment and the education of their peers, Ubuntu is capable of rapid growth and has achieved large number of pilots with sufficient minimal training to pose a serious military threat. Ultimately, Ubuntu believes in both quality and quantity, in the sense that equal amounts of both can achieve a multiplicative effect that is hard to ignore."

District News: "I see, so you are recruiting young and newly licensed pilots and train them in the direction that required. Well you have aquired a large number of pilots and what we have seen they do both industrial projects of there own of for Ubuntu Inc. and join combat patrols. And I dont think any one will dissagree that every combar fleet needs pilots with all sorts of experince.Can you explain a bit more of this tribal-esque attitude?"

 Jessica: "Sure, basicly its our way to function as a coproration in the sense that all capsuleers are reborned when they become a capsuleer. We want that to be as a credo for the corporation so we promote a more open style of corporate function and every member is reborned into Ubuntu"

District News: "I see, please, continue" 

Jessica: "Yes. Rather uniquely, Ubuntu had no investment backing nor taxation system and is runned entirely by private funding and generous donations from it's members, a practice that continues to this day. Their tribal ceremony is often a little unnerving to onlookers and new recruits, while a number of concerns have been expressed over the rather cult-like practices Ubuntu practices- a CONCORD investigation revealed no illegal usages of implants or drugs within Ubuntu's ranks and that no undue coercion had occurred."

District News: "mhm, thank you very good. Please continue"

Jessica: "Ubuntu joined The Fourth District near the end of YC 114 after an internal rebellion saw a departure of a number of senior officers and eventually led to the resignation and replacement of Ubuntu's CEO. Null security space provided the opportunity to enrich Ubuntu's bottom-up economy and the possibility of more serious military engagements. For political reasons, Providence was an ideal choice due to it's friendliness towards non-affiliated entities while Ubuntu and The Fourth District were a natural match- Ubuntu providing much-needed numbers, while CAIN and other member corporations brough veteran military experience to the table to share with Ubuntu's more junior military. Ubuntu is constitutionally multi-racial and has no strong affiliations beyond being broadly anti-piracy and respecting Empire law, however as a member of The Fourth District, Ubuntu has been happy to support the Alliance's interests in Caldari politics and the military action that frequently does result."

District News: "Yes, we heard something about that few months back. It seems to have turned out for the best.. We are happy to have you onboard and we will be watching you all for future to come. We in District News thank you Ms.Danikov for your time."  ¨

Jessica: "Thank you."

Fomer CEO Jessica Danikov
Newly appointed CEO of Ubuntu Inc. Gothmog VanMorgoth

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