"The Fourth District will be a beacon for all people who value the traditional historical values that makes the State great"

- Vice Admiral Van Cleef

Friday, October 25

Roinnag Alba leaves Fourth District


It was a brief but non the less fun time with the crew of Roinnag Alba corporation. As of yesterday Roinnag Alba left the Fourth District alliance after just one month of service.
The left the NC. with a hope to recoup from years of null-sec politics and constant CTA´s (Call to Arms), they joined the Fourth District in a hope to find small scale warfare and tactics.
But by the time the joined and just had settled in with their own infrastructure, old friend resurfaced and old times was remembered as Triumvirate. was brought to life. This was maybe a sign that were looking for and so they left to join in with their old comrades.

We wish them good and safe winds

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