"The Fourth District will be a beacon for all people who value the traditional historical values that makes the State great"

- Vice Admiral Van Cleef

Monday, July 21

CAIN officers recives the Caldari Prime Defense Ribbon.

Fellow Officers of CAIN

Over a year ago we The Fourth District assisted the Caldari Navy with military aid during the conflict that lead up to the destruction of the Navy Titan Shiigeru, we did what we could do to defend the Titan and was drawn into a conflict that could escalate into a full blown war. But it didn't, Ishukone Corporation took the opportunity to provide aid to rebuild the damaged planet. And quit recently in the news the city of Arcurio is under the administration of Ishukone. We have pledge to defend the Caldari way of life where we can and this was a call from the State Navy and the CEP, which we responded to. That is way we now have decided to award those of CAIN that have made an active and honorable contribution to this organization and during the one week deplyoment.

For their honorable military service in the defense of the Navy Titan Shiigeru over Caldari Prime, and for the defense of relief efforts from Ishukone Corporation to Caldari Prime between the dates 115.3.22 - 115.2.29, following officers will be rewarded the Caldari Prime Defense Ribbon.

Admiral Ladel Teravada
Captain Tyyne Kerttu
Commander Demion Samenel
Lieutenant Commander Shrewsberry
Lieutenant Nidia Masters
Lieutenant Turelus
Lieutenant Calder dk
Lieutenant prinsloo
Lieutenant Junior Grade Shun Makoto

Commander Demion Samenel
Command Staff of CAIN

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