"The Fourth District will be a beacon for all people who value the traditional historical values that makes the State great"

- Vice Admiral Van Cleef

Monday, June 16

CAIN is handing out Providence Campaign Medal to its members.

YC. 116.6.16

In a open correspondence to the officers of Caldari Independent Navy Reserve it was made public that many of the corporations pilots will receive reignition for their accomplishment over last years here in Providence. Spokesperson from CAIN Demion Samenel sums it up in a few words.
 "It has not been without difficulties of course to turn this hinterland of null-sec into something more is a hard task, but it has not been achieved without the daily efforts of our pilots, we will continue to support anyone that wishes to make a mark for themselves in the District"
Following messages was sent out to the corporation of CAIN.
Fellow officers of CAIN,
In just a few days, we will be celebrating our third year here in Providence; on YC 113.6.21, we took control of the I-MGAB station and soon after, the entire constellation, establishing an outpost of the Caldari State and its values here in the hinterlands of nullsec. Since that time, we have worked closely with the other Holders and inhabitants of the region, and on many occasions we have show that we are one of the lynchpins of Providence defense. In recognition of your accomplishments, the CINC of CAIN has ordered the issuance of a Providence Campaign Medal to those of you who have been an active part of the development of the Fourth District during our time here.
The criteria and recipients are as follows:
The Providence Campaign Medal shall be awarded to those who have served the Fourth District and been an active participant in the defense of friendly assets in the Providence theatre. In order to be awarded this medal, a recipient must:
* Have served in the Caldari Independent Navy Reserve within the Providence theatre of operations for more than 365 consecutive days or a total of 730 nonconsecutive days, for no single period less than 180 days.
* Have participated in the defense of Fourth District sovereignty in either the defense of 3D-CQU against the Scapegoats in YC 113 or the allied defense operation of the super capital shipyard in I-MGAB in YC 115, or in any similar defense operation in the future.
Following pilots will be rewarded for their effort:  
ADM. Ladel Teravada
ADM. Trony
VADM.Van Cleef
CAP. Tyyne Kerttu
CMDR. Demion Samenel
CMDR. Ellyra
CMDR. Svetlana Scarlet
LTCMDR. Hurs Sokira
LTCMDR. Lord Shrewsberry
LT. Calder dk
LT. Cyirak
LT. Karl Ambacher
LT. Maximus Mordel
LT. Nidia Masters
LT. prinsloo
LT. Turelus
LT. Vraal Sathari
LT. Xissit
LTJG. Alexande Sarend
LTJG. Call Rollard
LTJG. Horgaasht
LTJG. Pesro Montales
LTJG. Shun Makoto
LTJG. Sillanda Kachira
MID. Balnook
MID. Gerowien Sunrunner
Commander Demion Samenel
Command Staff

Fourth District News Service

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