"The Fourth District will be a beacon for all people who value the traditional historical values that makes the State great"

- Vice Admiral Van Cleef

Sunday, April 28

Alliance Diplomat Marcus Griffins escapades during Fanfest.

Fourth District alliance diplomat had a really busy week. Of the members going there he was the one making the most out of it. He joined all the round tables and events he was able to squeeze in. On asking him on what he thought of the 10th anniversary of EVE, he sad:

"It was the most exciting moment of my EVE career that I finally was able to go to Iceland. I dont think I will ever have the same experience again, and I am truly sad that I soon will leave this place."

But it was not all fun, it was hard work to. Between the round tables, Key notes, PVP arena and Quafe drinking Admiral Marcus Griffin worked on networking with other alliances and he had also the opportunity with members of CCP Alliance. To see him in action was a glorious thing to watch.

A diplomacy meeting with a CVA representative got a bit heated up.
Diplomacy sometimes draws out skills you never knew you had. Meeting with the Fatal Ascension Diplomat.  
Our dear admirals meeting was abit more relaxed with Dirt Nap Squad CEO DNS Black. Something with his Black Ops being neutral or not in Providence. 
The meeting with Goons was short and without incident. 
One cannot talk enough on the importance of this meeting with Pandemic Legions Fleet Commander Shadoo. Long discussion about Tech moons, improving fleet doctrine, Super Capital ship reimbursement. Admiral Marcus Griffin did not want to respond to any question about the meeting. And he is quite of what was sad between him and PL.
Last night after much secret phone calls Alliance diplomat hasty ran out of the door . Finally a meeting with CCP Alliance CEO Hilmar was authorized. Most of the meeting was about our development plans of the alliance and future expansions. The most enlightened meeting to date Marcus sad after he came back to the 4TH members.
CCP Soundwave was alot of fun. Big beer drinker and almost swept our diplomat under the table. "I love his beard" Marcus sad after the meeting. 
CCP Fozzie was allot about numbers, might not be our dear Alliance diplomat strong side.
CCP Unifex was a very impressive man, "after the meeting  I tipped toed around to reach his hight" Marcus sad.
After much waiting in line, we were able to at least get a quick word with CCP Alliance member CCP Seagull. Exploration of Fourth space looks allot more interesting after her presentation. 
Marcus and CCP Falcon outside meeting room Multiplicity. 
After much diplomatic talk, 4TH Diplomat had some time to try out the new machines, here we see him at the PVP arena.  
Of course he had the opportunity to try out the new dog fighting game using Oculus Rift. The headset was a bit to big for his head but he enjoyed the experience anyways. 

See you all there next year! 1-3 of May YC 116.

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