"The Fourth District will be a beacon for all people who value the traditional historical values that makes the State great"

- Vice Admiral Van Cleef

Saturday, April 13

Places in the Fourth District - Yakiya Garden and the Officers club.

 Yakiya Garden is a large, approximately one square kilometer, open area inside 3KB-J0 station. The main area is the traditional caldari garden that is surrounded with a variety of places to relax and enjoy. Build by capsuleers for capsuleer, it has a traditional caldari garden, an officer’s club, and a water area surrounding the complex.

The Lounge 

This room is the entrances to the garden were employees greets you and on occasions serves drinks of your taste. The room is mostly dark with the fabric and glass walls in a polychrome illuminated fashion. Small sofas and tables are placed around the room. Meetings that are held inside the complex normally starts here. Depending on the occasion and the status of the visit, everything from strong Caldari tea to Amarrian wines are served.

The Garden

A balcony from the lounge takes you out to the view of the garden, which takes up most of the area. A large staircase and a bridge lead you down to the sea level and to the garden. The main theme is to connect to old traditions and here you can walk, relax and enjoy the virtual projected sky or sunsets. The area is environmental controlled that give you a feeling of breeze, the standard setting is always set to give an enjoyable visit. A large crew employed by Fourth District takes care of the garden on a daily basis. And because some of the plants and trees are imported, they need specialists to care for them. Other places in the garden are a waterfall, a small river and a traditional small tea house. There is a set of paths that guide you through the garden. This place is mostly for relaxation and solitary contemplation.

The Officers club 

The main building you see in the garden is the officers club, which is a two floored building in an off white and grey fashion style. The architectural style is more New Caldari then traditional caldari style you see in the garden itself. Its squared roof seems to project itself up and outward from the side of the area and has some resemble to caldari spaceship design with its many angels. The first floor has an open area and a large balcony on the second, a transparent illuminated staircase leads up to the second floor. The first floor includes a training room, a variety of meeting rooms and a restaurant. The staircase that leads you to the second floor will take you directly to the dance floor and the pub. The balcony out from the pub gives you a fantastic view of the garden below and the virtual projected mountain range and the sea. The club house has a small worker force of servants employed by the Fourth District and they are there to make sure that your visit is as enjoyable as possible.

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