"The Fourth District will be a beacon for all people who value the traditional historical values that makes the State great"

- Vice Admiral Van Cleef

Saturday, April 27

Fourth District at Fanfest

Second day and third day had three main things on the scedule, PVP preperations, Alliance panel discoussion and the EVE 10th anniversity concert. This was a truly awesome event, which cant realy be fair not live. We had good spots central area only 8m from the stage. Really good pice of music from the EVE universe. Abit negative was the camera arm that kept coming into the picture all the time.

EVE 10th anniversity symphony. 

Short POS OP with CVA
Earlier that day before the concert Ladel decided that we needed some fleet work so we joined in a CVA POS operation. Even got our great Admiral Trony to undock.

Fanfest main hall

4TH District dinner at Hrassa EVE pub after the CCP Keynotes.
The PVP tournamnt did not go as planned, we went out the from the first match, the setup for the tournament was better than before as the tournament had Alliance tournament rules of 50 points. So rest of the days was going to different round tables of District members choice. Factional warfare round table was on the light side, and most of us left early. The Live Event round table was for some not meet with any surprise. CCP seems to focus the attention on one faction at the time, and lately alot have been on Caldari. But CCP has seen that Live Events can bring something to EVE so we might see alot of it in the future. Storyline table was working on to tie up lose ends, which must be a daunting task. Atleast they should not create new ones would be a good step. There was inconsistencies that was brought up, one was about soft-clones what seems to have been used in stories but could not be in some cases. They are illegal but seems to have been used in some stories. And yeah Heth is angry of the lost of the Caldari Titan, no suprise there, poor him.

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